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Most Affordable Termite Treatment in Tampa

Maintaining your home’s facilities, structures, and furniture is a must to prevent you from spending too much on fixing and replacing them too soon. But there may come a time that your home can be a target by pests like termites. They may seem to be harmless insects, but they can cost you a lot of money if you let them stay in your home. In case of termite infestation in Tampa households, you can call on our company for the best and life-changing solutions to eliminate these pesky pests. We also cater to other nearby city locals’ termite treatment needs. Contact our pest control company and your termite woes will be gone in no time.


What are termites?

Depending on the classification of termites, their natural habitat may be under the ground, or within decaying trees or wood. They can infest your homes all throughout the year, and it may be too late before you realize that they have reproduced in unimaginable numbers. There are three basic kinds of termites: reproductives, workers, and soldiers. The reproductives increase the colony’s population; the workers gather food from nearby wood; and soldiers take care of threats and their safety.


Can termites harm human health?

When termite infestations happen, there are no findings about them transferring any disease to, nor do they poison humans and animals. The real problem comes when someone is bitten or stung by the termites, or got in contact with termite saliva, wings, or droppings. Some people have respiratory problems and acute sensitivity to these substances that these can result to asthma attacks and allergic reactions, respectively. Another thing is that termite infestations can be really difficult to handle. The people who live in termite-infested homes may get stressed or anxious of their presence. The stress and anxiety can lead to irrational fear, major cardiovascular and psychological health problems.


What are the signs of a termite infestation?

As evasive as they may be, studies and experiences on professional pest inspection has concluded the various signs of a termite infestation. These signs can lead you to where their colonies swarm and live, and what damages they have done to your home, even without availing professional inspectors’ services. But in case that you see the following signs, contact us – for professional termite treatment service:

  • Collapsing ceilings and floors. Ceilings and floors are very important to maintain in your home, but when they start to flop out of the blue, it might be because termites have eaten parts of them. These collapsing ceilings and floors may also have certain discolorations, thus confirming the termites’ presence.
  • Cracked or damaged foundation. When the termites burrow through the soil under or near your home, the foundation may get compromised from this and will result to cracks or other damages. Check these parts of your home immediately to avoid serious damages and threats.
  • Mud tubes. They are called as such because they are small and brown tunnels that termites make when they burrow into damp soil. These tubes are made from mud, termite droppings and saliva.
  • Termite droppings and wings shedding. These two are very easy to spot, especially on ground level near walls, or on window sills. The termite droppings are described as tiny pellets. Do not touch these two without using safety gloves.
  • Unprecedented holes in wooden structures and furniture. When your stuff made from wood gets holes all of a sudden, it can be because of the termites. Be sure to check all of these structures and furniture to make sure of their locations.


What treatments are available for termite extermination in Tampa FL?

Hundreds of clients have tried our affordable and effective termite treatments, and we guarantee you that we have not failed a single one when it comes to completely eliminating these pests. Our team will provide you professional extermination service, who will inspect and assess the severity of your termite case, and eventually recommend a plan for the extermination. Nevertheless, we respect our clients’ decisions regarding the termite treatments, so here is a list of our available methods:

  • Bait and Monitoring. This is a method in which the exterminator will use bait to lure the worker termites on feeding the reproductives with insecticide-laden wood. Once this successfully happens, a monitoring system will be set up to check the progress of the plan.
  • Microwave. The heat coming from the microwaves will eradicate all termites that get caught within the spot. In case this will be used, your home should be completely inspected to check all of their possible locations.
  • Liquid Barriers. These barriers are used by making trenches on the soil, drilling through slabs, then injecting repellent or non-repellent termiticides. These can kill crawling termites, while also preventing them from coming into your home.
  • Physical Termite Barriers. This method only aims to prevent the termites from coming in by providing solid barriers near your home, especially around the foundation.
  • Sand Termite Barriers. This is specifically for preventing sand termites from invading your home. Physical and sand termite barriers are usually combined with liquid barriers.