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Most Experienced Termite Exterminators in Portland

Having to put up with termites in your home is a terrible experience, and it can do major damages to your home and your furniture if they are not exterminated immediately. Many businesses and homes are compromised due to the existence of termites in their areas, and it can result to unnecessary expenses for repair and replacement. Luckily, there are many pest control companies available for termite treatment services. For Portland and nearby cities, our company is here to provide the most affordable yet effective solutions for your termite problems. For the sake of providing the best service we can give, we included here significant information about termites for our concerned homeowners.


What are termites?

The types of termite will dictate when they are usually out, but generally the possibility of termite infestation comes all throughout the year. There are different kinds of termites: there are workers, soldiers, and swarmers, among others. Workers are the termites that look for their food source, which is wood, and swarmers reproduce to increase their colony’s population. Not all kinds of termites have wings, so it is possible to see these little insects either crawling or flying in infested areas.


Can termites harm human health?

When it comes to termites, you should not worry about their toxicity, because they are not. They do not even carry diseases with them, so even if they bite or sting, there will be minimal damages to your health. On the other hand, you can be in danger in the presence of termites if you have asthma or allergic reactions to the particles caused by the insects. Their saliva, wings, and droppings can be a cause for these two things so it is best to be careful.


What are the signs of a termite infestation?

Practical homeowners can do their own home inspection for termite infestation and other related home management problems. To effectively accomplish that, you must not just rely on finding the termites themselves because they mostly live in the soil and in other unseen areas like behind walls and around house posts. Here are various signs that can help you know their existence in your home:

  • Unusual holes in furniture and structures made from wood. When your wooden things and properties suddenly have holes on them, these might be caused by worker termites collecting wood for food. Sometimes, these holes are perfectly hidden from your usual sight so be sure to look at all the furniture’s sides to confirm any holes.
  • Small and dry tunnels. If you see small and dry tunnels near or in soil-laden areas inside your home, these might be due to termites burrowing into their habitat where the swarmers and soldiers could be seen. These tunnels are brown in color because they are composed of mud, termite saliva, and droppings.
  • Damaged home foundation. Your home’s foundation is very important because it is the main reason for its stronghold. But when you see damages on the foundation without any other plausible reason like natural disasters, termites could be invading your home.
  • Damaged walls, ceilings, and floors. No matter how expensive the material is, wooden walls, ceilings and floors will surely weaken and flap out of their places because of internal hollowness caused by worker termites. When the worker termites collect wood, they work from the hole then inside out, and that is why these structures will surely sag or soften.
  • Termite droppings and wings. When the termites start to swarm, they shed their wings. On the other hand, they will regularly leave tiny pellets of droppings in their area.


What treatments are available for termite extermination?

When it comes to termite removal, our pest control company offers only the best and natural extermination services without compromising your budget on the cost. Our services extend to the locals of Portland and other nearby cities. Pest control is our best asset, and we are more than willing to help you eliminate all the termite problems you have with these effective and environment-friendly termite removal and prevention methods:

  • Microwave. This is the newest method in eliminating termites for good. Using microwaves and the heat these produce, termites will be killed on the spot once the appropriate amount of microwaves is produced with special equipment. This equipment is operated by our professional exterminators.
  • Termite Control Baits. Our professional exterminators will provide a type of bait laden with termicide. The worker termites will soon find the bait and share it with the swarmers and soldiers. The termicide will slowly kill the termites and deplete their number until all of them are gone.
  • Physical Termite Barriers. A physical barrier is installed around the house, especially with the home’s foundation. This is best installed while the home is still under construction, but it is still open for already existing homes. Its main purpose is to prevent termites from invading the house through the home’s foundation.
  • Sand Termite Barriers. When the sand termites try to enter your home through sand or sandy areas in your home, termite barriers are needed to prevent them to do so. These barriers only prevent the termites from coming in, so they are usually partnered with non-repellent termicides to eliminate termites surviving around the barriers.