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Looking for the Best Termite Treatment in Fresno, California?

Maintaining wooden homes and furniture can be compromised when termites invade them. Because termites feed on wood, having them inside your home will cost you with constant replacements and maintenance. The only way to prevent this from happening is to find professional exterminators for the right termite treatment. If you are having a case of termite infestation in your home in Fresno or other cities of California, our company can help you out in coming up with the perfect solution for that. Providing Fresno CA locals with the best termite treatment service is our main priority, and the first step to that is giving you information about termites.


What are termites?

Termites are considered pests among insects because they feed on anything that is made of wood. A lot of homes are made up of wooden structures, furniture, while others may have supplies of wood blocks, wood dust, and other related materials in their homes. These things can attract the termites into infiltrating your home because they need it to build their own colonies. Worker termites collect the wood and share it with reproducers, soldiers, and other workers. Depending on the type of termite, they can be seen either during a particular season, or all throughout the year.


Can termites harm human health?

Fortunately, termites do not carry diseases and toxic substances in their bodies. However, termites can bite and sting the people in your home. Also, it is possible that some people are sensitive or allergic to them. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks can be induced by the particles produced by the termites through their wings, droppings, or saliva. And if we consider the difficulty of exterminating termites, it can cause stress, anxiety, and even fear to people who live within an infested home.


What are the signs of a termite infestation?

The best way for a homeowner to find infested areas and rooms is to know the common signs of the termites’ existence. There are many signs that will tell you that a termite infestation is happening in your own home:

  • Holes in wooden structures and furniture. When you see holes in your furniture, patio, doors, or anything wooden in your home and you are not sure how they got there, they probably are caused by termites’ scavenging for food.
  • Damaged home foundation. Termites live in the soil, and even within your walls and under house posts. When they produce their colonies here, your home’s foundations get damaged or cracked.
  • Nearby dry and brown tunnels. When termites get into the soil, they create small tunnels using mud, saliva, and droppings. Inspect visible soil under or nearby your home to inspect these areas more closely.
  • Weak ceilings, walls, and floors. Aside from the cracked foundation, your home may use wooded ceilings, walls and floors, and these are targeted by the termites so that they can survive. When these are eaten from the inside, these eventually become hollow inside, thus weakening these in a very discreet way. These structures will turn soft or even become unhinged from their original place.
  • Wings shedding and termite droppings. Not all termites have wings, but when they do they shed them from time to time. These wings will be visible because they do the shedding in groups. On the other hand, termite droppings are seen as small pellets.


What treatments are available for termite extermination?

If you have seen the signs above in your home, feel free to call on our Fresno termite treatment company for affordable and natural termite treatments. Our clients have always been satisfied with our services because we always made sure that our clients can freely choose their own type of termite treatment, while we also give recommendations of the most appropriate method to use for each case. Here is a list of our available termite treatments that you can choose from:

  • Termite control baits. This treatment includes placing termite bait within an infested room or area, whereas the bait is filled with a slow-acting termiticide. Worker termites will collect food from the bait, and will eventually share it to the swarmer termites. For this method to successfully eliminate all termites, it will take weeks or months of bait. Using barriers with this method is recommended to hasten its final result.
  • Microwave. This treatment is a great alternative if you do not want to use traditional termite treatment. It makes use of heat to eliminate drywood termites on the spot. Before the use of this treatment, our professional exterminators will inspect your home for all of the infested areas to ensure complete extermination.
  • Physical termite barriers. This is a method that is usually used by people who have homes under construction, but it can also be used by homeowners who want to prevent their home’s foundation getting damaged by termites. This will not eliminate the termites; it is aimed to prevent them from invading.
  • Sand termite barriers. This is an alternative for the physical termite barriers, especially because there are termites that prefer going through sand instead of mud or damp soil. Since these barriers are only for prevention, it is best to partner them with termiticides.