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Best Termite Treatment in Denver

Termites are a common problem to many households and businesses because of the existence of wood within and out their locations. Termite infestation are usually caused by the presence of wood stumps, debris, dust, and structures in an area, because wood is the main food source of termites. It is inevitable to use a wooden furniture or thing within your home, so preventing them from coming in will be a difficult thing to handle. For that matter, our company provides professional and effective termite treatment services for all of the locals in Denver and in nearby cities. Aside from giving you affordable solutions for the termites themselves, we are also willing to teach you everything we know about termites and how to eliminate them from your home.


What are termites?

Termites might be just about 3-4 mm in length, but they pose as a major threat to wooden homes and furniture. Depending on the classifications of termite, their appearance is either seasonal or all year round.  These termites also have different functions in their colonies: workers find wood for their survival, soldiers manage the safety of the colony, while swarmers reproduce to make the colonies bigger. When they separate from their original colony to make another one, they need a lot of wood to survive so they look for areas that can provide them the means.


Can termites harm human health?

Termites are not poisonous or venomous, nor do they carry diseases with them. But homeowners should still be wary of them not just because of the damages to the home, but also because of possible allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Sensitive people may have allergies from the termites’ saliva, droppings, wings, and other particles that are caused by the termites’ existence.


What are the signs of a termite infestation?

Termites could be anywhere in or near your home anytime, so regular inspection is needed to solve the termite problem once it has been identified. Luckily, home inspection does not need you to call on professionals because there are many ways to tell if the termites are there or not. Homeowners should inspect their homes also because it will save them money and time to do so. Call on our professional pest control team in case you see the following signs during your inspection:

  • Termite wings and droppings. If the termites are within your premises, you will see little pellets around—those are termite droppings so do not touch them without gloves. That is also the same with their wings. They shed their wings when they swarm.
  • Dry and brown tunnels. When termites live near you, they will probably live under damp soil thus the appearance of small dry tunnels. Do not touch these tunnels without gloves too because these are made from mud, termite droppings, and saliva.
  • Weakened walls, floors, and ceilings. If your floors, walls, and ceilings are made from wood, they will deteriorate and soften easily in case of termite infestation. Wood is the main food source of termites so they will be eating these parts of your homes from the inside. Inspect these parts carefully to confirm.
  • Damaged foundation. Since these termites inhabit underground areas, your home’s foundation will also be weakened due to them. This is really dangerous because the foundation is the major part of the house that makes it stand. Other clues on damaged foundation would be cracked walls, especially the part near the ground.
  • Holes in wooden structures and furniture. These structures and furniture may look fine from the front, but inspect all of its sides to check for unusual holes. Worker termites like to collect food from inside out, so do not be fooled by just looking at the most visible sides.


What treatments are available for termite extermination?

In case you already confirmed the termites’ existence in your home, feel free to call our company for the best and natural termite treatments we can offer. Never worry about your budget—you can choose the treatment you want so the cost will be depending on your preferred option. For those who are interested, here are our available services for termite treatment:

  • Microwave. The most contemporary termite removal method you can choose is the use of microwave technology. Using microwaves to provide heat, the termites will be eliminated immediately right where they are during the whole process. This method will be entirely done by our professional exterminators.
  • Termite Baits. These pests can be manipulated to their death by using bait filled with termiticide. When worker termites look for food, they will be led to the bait, and they will eventually share it with the other termites in the colony. The treatment will take about a few weeks or months, but the final result will be worth the wait.
  • Physical Termite Barriers. For termite prevention, physical termite barriers are installed to homes’ foundations, especially for those still under construction. These go underground near or around the foundation to keep termites away.
  • Sand Termite Barriers. This is a special method for keeping sand termites away. Normally, termites like to burrow on mud or damp soil, but others prefer sand. Physical and sand termite barriers are for prevention only, so they are usually combined with non-repellent termiticide.