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#1 Mice Exterminators in Tampa

Some people enjoy the company of mice as pets, but it is a different thing when you are living with mice as pests. Who would even enjoy sleepless nights because of constant nocturnal squeaks and scurrying? What about randomly damaged clothes, photos, and scavenged food? Of course, mice infestation can do serious damage, especially to a person’s health. Fortunately, mouse extermination services exist within almost any location, but our local mice removal services tops as the most reliable and affordable one in Tampa. Ever since we started the business, we only did our best to provide the most natural solutions to mice problems without compromising what it will cost our clients in terms of extermination fee and safety.


You Can Trust Your Local Tampa Mice Exterminator

Mice extermination is in the heart of what we do, and providing our clients the best services we can offer is what we aim for. Many clients from Florida have praised our work as they have experienced different benefits from our professional pest management company:

  • Those furry pests will be out of your home in no time. Once the extermination is done, mice will no longer be lurking even in the darkest and most non-treaded place in your home. They could either be eliminated on the spot, or will be prohibited from going back.
  • None of your regular activities will be compromised. When we are working on the extermination, you can do the usual activities you do every day within your home. There are just more heads inside, but we guarantee that the presence of our professional exterminators will be worth it when they eradicate the pesky pests.
  • We do not use harmful pesticides. These chemicals are commonly used to quickly eliminate pests like mice, so we only use those that are legitimately licensed and carefully studied for their adverse effects on any biological being. So far, what we have do not endanger any human being, animal, or plant.
  • Our services are all cost-effective. We will never offer a mice removal treatment that goes beyond the usual budget for pest control. Our company always considers how much the client can handle with expenses, and what treatments they can afford without compromising too much money.
  • We always do the planning with you. With our own inspection and assessment, we will recommend to you the best treatments for your case. But still, your decision on what method to use will be respected at all times.


Things You Need to Know About Mice

As much as you see these little creatures every day, you may think that you already understand how they live and how they drive. Just to confirm what you already know and to add to that, here are basic information about mice that you might need, especially when you are trying to find out where they hide:

  • They are a major setback for food-processing, agricultural, and mechanical businesses. Because the main food sources of mice are vegetables and fruits, any business handling food and plants are threatened by their presence. Also, mice can chew wires and other soft materials in a machine so they can make you spend a lot on replacements.
  • They do not really eat your stuff. When they chew on your clothes, shoes, photos, boxes, and other things, they do not eat them. They take these small parts to their breeding area to make their nests. That is important for them before reproducing baby mice.
  • They can transfer viruses and bacteria to your home. Mice can travel anywhere and everywhere like cockroaches, so the viruses and bacteria that hold on to them can transfer to your premises.
  • Mere contact can make you develop deadly diseases. Mice pests can really be a hassle especially when your body has a weak immune system. Two of the common diseases that mice contact can develop are salmonellosis and leptospirosis.
  • You know they are there when you see their droppings and some unprecedented holes. When they chew on your things they make holes out of them especially if they want to scavenge from the inside. Also, they can leave their urine and feces anywhere, so there is a possibility that you can get into contact with those when you walk on your bare feet.
  • They like to live in the dark and unkempt areas. When mice try to find areas to build their nests, they will most likely pick a place least undisturbed or cleaned in your home. This place proves to be safe for them, especially if the female mice decide to reproduce.