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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies – 5 Easy Steps

Saying Goodbye to Your Unwanted Pets – the Easy Way

Fruit fly on a leafPlagued by a fruit fly invasion many years ago I found the following solution to getting rid of fruit flies to be very effective.

Step 1 Locate the breeding grounds

The first obvious place to check is of course your kitchen. Fruit flies love slightly off fruit and vegetables so make sure you don’t keep anything that you do not plan on eating anyway. Check in your office. Did you really have to put the banana peel in the office trash can? Check your bedroom. That unfinished glass of wine from last weekend still there? Continue checking all other rooms and remove all potential breeding grounds.

Step 2 Clear living space of all potential “fruit fly food”

You cook in your kitchen. You don’t necessarily eat there but you get my drift. There is no reason to have open food anywhere else but in the kitchen besides while actually eating. Try and limit potential fruit fly food to your kitchen.

Step 3 Think over the way you store food

Use containers that you can seal. Store fresh fruit and vegetables in one place and put a fruit fly trap as mentioned in step 4 beside it. Make sure you have a trash can you can close tightly and empty it often. Do not leave any unwashed dishes piling up in your sink.

Step 4 Catch any remaining fruit flies

Having removed all open and fruit fly infested food your last task is to catch all the remaining fruit flies. A very effective method for this is to build a bowl trap. Fill a bowl with a bait of your choice. A banana peel, fruit juice, wine or vinegar will do just fine. Now stretch some plastic wrap over the top of the bowl and fix it with a rubber band. Make sure the plastic wrap is fixed tight with no creases. Finally cut some small holes into the plastic wrap with a toothpick or sharp knife. After your fruit fly trap is set you may now sit back, relax and watch your unwelcome guests feast for their last time!

Step 5 Don’t be a slob

Keep up your newfound sense for a fruit fly-free household.