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#1 Cockroach Removal Service in Fresno, California

One of the most common problems of households is the infestation of cockroaches. But regardless of its commonness, this pest problem should not be dismissed as harmless to human health. As a wise homeowner, you should be wary of these insects especially when they are near the food you prepare and eat. Even the slightest contamination of food can lead to deadly diseases and infections. Luckily, Fresno locals and others from nearby cities have our pest control company to contact for the best and natural solutions. Our services are very known to be affordable, but nonetheless effective.


Things to Know about Cockroaches

Cockroaches are not always deemed as pests, because some classifications help in the natural decay of biodegradable waste. Their forms and characteristics also vary depending on the area where they live: the cockroaches in tropical areas are bigger than the others; some have wings and some have none. Another thing about them is that they can live and travel everywhere, and the cockroaches that venture into your home probably have travelled through the dumpster or sewers, thus posing high possibilities of food contamination.


Harmful Effects of Cockroach Infestation

For little insects, they can really be a large threat to people’s health, especially when they produce particles or debris that people ingest. Here is a list of the harm that cockroaches can do to your body:

  • Bites. Cockroaches don’t always bite, but there is a possibility that they will. These bites may cause cockroach saliva and other substances to get in contact with your skin and might get inside your body.
  • Body Invasion. When people are sleeping heavily, some little cockroaches may successfully enter body orifices like the nostrils and ears. This can cause you a hassle especially when they get stuck inside.
  • Food contamination. When they crawl onto your food, they leave some of their hair, skin, and egg shells on the food. They also excrete body waste on your food, not to mention that they can eat just about anything they can chew (e.g. dead animals, feces, hair, glue, tissue).
  • Food poisoning. Many cases of food poisoning are caused by cockroach infestation, particularly their contamination of food and cooking utensils. Also, cockroaches carry salmonella, a bacteria that causes food poisoning and typhoid.
  • Bacteria injection. When cockroaches eat, especially when they feed on our own food, they usually transfer their saliva and other body fluids on it, which are carrying different kinds of disease-inducing bacteria. Some of these bacterica can result to urinary tract problems, sepsis, and digestive problems.
  • Allergies. Allergies are also possible to obtain when you are exposed to the cockroach allergens many times. Common symptoms of these allergies are watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, and shortness of breath.
  • Asthma. When you have respiratory problems or have asthma in particular, it will be a bad idea to inhale cockroach allergens and other particles they produce. Even if a person does not have asthma, inhaling cockroach allergens can cause him or her to contract one.


Significant Details about Cockroaches

When it comes to inspecting your home for cockroaches, it would be best to look for them at night because they are naturally nocturnal. When you can confirm that there is a cockroach infestation, call Fresno cockroach control services immediately. To help you with confirmation, here are just a few more facts about cockroaches:

  • They use little holes for entrances. When cockroaches invade your home, they can enter through many ways, especially if you have holes in your home that are open to the outside world. All cracks and holes should be covered if you do not want them coming in as they please.
  • They love abundant food and warmth. When your home is full of food, water, warmth, and breeding areas, they will likely stay within for a long time. For them to survive, they must locate perfectly undisturbed areas to proliferate quickly.
  • They move really fast. Aside from being a nocturnal, it will be difficult to catch these insects due to their evasiveness. Nevertheless, killing them with your bare hands are overly disgusting and dangerous, so refrain from killing them unsafely.
  • Their number increases rapidly. When you see cockroaches coming out of their breeding grounds, especially if they walk out in broad daylight, this is a sign that they have ran out of space for all of them. This means that the cockroaches in the open were kicked out due to their high number.
  • They are impossible to eliminate by yourself. Cockroaches are very difficult to eliminate when you are just doing it by yourself. Immediately call for our assistance so that we can immediately give you the cost-effective cockroach treatment you need.