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Most Reliable Bed Bug Exterminators in Tampa

Some people usually realize that their homes are infested by bed bugs when the insects’ population have gone to unbearable numbers. Many red marks have made their bodies itch very badly, while they go to work like they have not slept at all. A wise homeowner should be responsible enough to inspect their homes from time to time for bed bugs and other types of pests. Regular inspection can not only save you from the discomfort; it can also save you from unnecessary expenses and irreversible damage to your home. Our Tampa bed bug exterminators would gladly do the inspection for you, and bed bug extermination too if an infestation has already occurred.  But if you are interested in inspecting your home yourself, here is some information you will need to successfully do so.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are basically characterized as wingless and flat insects that come in white, tan, and brown color. For each female bed bug, there will be an additional 200 bed bugs every four to eight weeks. Bed bug infestation usually starts from moving to a new place, and traveling to different locations. Bed bugs may ride out the whole way into your home just by attaching itself to your clothes or bags. They can also infest private and public cars so it is always best to inspect your vehicles, rooms, and personal belongings from time for time for a thorough inspection.


Can bed bugs be harmful?

When bed bugs infiltrate your home, it will target warm-blooded beings, like you and your pets, as a source of food. They suck on their hosts to be fed, but this is usually painless during the process. But after they feed on you, red and itchy marks will appear on your skin because of their saliva. These marks will not get more severe if they are not scratched, though that would be something difficult to resist. Other cases of bed bug infestations have caused infections and allergic reactions so you should be careful if you are sensitive to bugs.


Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

One of the best practices as a homeowner is the regular inspection of rooms for damages or pest infestation. This practice can save you from too much spending on replacements on new materials or furniture. Doing your own inspection will not cost you anything, and you can be sure if the problem is the existence of bed bugs or not. With this information, your local pest control company can help you faster with finding a natural solution to your case of bed bugs. Here are signs when bed bugs are within a room or have been in the area:

  • Red and itchy marks. Not all little itchy swellings in your body are caused by bed bugs, but this is one of the easiest signs you can observe. When these marks appear in groups on your skin, then this could be bed bugs’ doings.
  • Blood stains. These blood stains come from crushed bed bugs during the night. This means that you accidentally killed some of them while their bodies were full of food.
  • Black splatters. These black stains are much darker than the blood stains, and they are actually bed bug excrement. Do not touch these with your bare hands as that can cause allergic reactions in case of sensitivity.
  • Cast skin shedding. As new bed bugs collectively get out of their “shells,” they leave that so that they can move freely to feed.


Available Bed Bug Treatments

Are you having bed bug problems in your home, office, or buildings you own in Tampa or in any city in Florida? If so, our company can help you by providing effective bed bug removal treatment that will surely be affordable regardless of how much you can pitch in for the service fee. We will let you decide how much you are willing to spend, and what treatments you want to use for your troubled location. For starters, here is a list of the available treatments for bed bug removal:

  • Freezing. This is the newest known method to exterminate the bed bugs without compromising the environment and human health. The room where the bed bugs live will be frozen within two weeks to ensure that none of them will remain.
  • Heating. The heat needed for the method will be extremely high thus the need for special heating equipment. The infested room will be heated enough to let the bed bugs dry up from the heat.
  • Steaming. Just like the whole room heating method, it makes use of high temperature for water to produce steam. The extremely high temperature from the vapour will be intolerable for the bed bugs thus causing their extermination.
  • Pyrethroids. The name could be really misleading regarding its toxicity, but pyrethroids are pesticides made from chrysanthemums. Despite its state as a pesticide, it does not affect human health.