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Looking for the Top Bed Bug Exterminators in Portland?

Decorating your bedroom in the best and most expensive curtains, carpets, bed sheets, and pillow cases will not be so beautiful if bed bugs creep on your bed at night. If you have the means to beautify your bedroom with the best furniture and fabric, then you should also have the means to keep it safe from creepy crawlies like bed bugs. Our pest control company guarantees that you can block them from going into your home for a long time, without harming any furniture or fabric that you may have. We provide the best packages for every homeowner’s bed bug case, so that you can adjust to your preferred budget for the service.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs increase their population relatively quick, because female bed bugs lay around 200 eggs at once, and these will hatch into poppy seed-sized young ones within four to eight weeks. As adults, they grow as flat bugs about a fourth of an inch in length, and they are usually of orange, tan or white color. Bed bugs feed by sucking the blood of humans and warm-blooded animals. They can be usually seen in cracks, crevices, beds, and furniture that are safe places for them to be near humans and pets. However, they can also live in cars and other places where their food sources are nearby. Moving into a new apartment and even just traveling from one place to another can be the cause for the bed bugs’ easy travel into your home.


Can bed bugs be harmful?

Light sleepers tend to be woken up by the crawling insects, but their feeding will not cause you any pain during the process itself. However, you may have a problem with scratching the red marks they will leave on your skin. It will be difficult to resist scratching these marks, and scratching might induce infections needing immediate care from a medical specialist. Aside from that, allergic reactions may ensue to some people who are sensitive to bed bug to saliva.


Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Inspecting your home for bed bug infestations can really help you prevent them from entering in the first place, and it can also save you from unnecessary spending on an inspector for a cost. But to be sure of your findings, you should be adept in finding them with the knowledge of the most obvious signs of their existence:

  • Bed bug droppings. These are seen as black stains in your bed paraphernalia or anywhere that you stay in to sleep, sit, or relax. These can be irritating to your skin, or can induce allergic reactions when you are sensitive to them. It is best to wear safety gloves before touching them.
  • Blood stains. The stain comes from blood-filled bed bugs that got crushed while you were moving in your sleep. These bugs immediately move to when they feel you turning, but sometimes your movements are too sudden for them to survive.
  • Hatchling skin shedding. When the young bed bugs come out, they have to get rid of their previous molded skins. Luckily bed bugs hatch in groups so these will be easily seen when compiled in an area.
  • Red marks on your body. When you see red itchy marks on your face, arms, and legs, these can be caused by bed bugs that sucked your blood during the night. There will be multiple marks on your body because they pause from feeding when you move in your sleep, then proceed to an untouched or nearby spot to suck more.


Available Bed Bug Treatments

People who, for the first time, seek the best pest control company available think that it will cost them a lot of money and that the best ones would not be available to local areas. These are all misconceptions because our company is here to provide you only the best natural solutions for you bed bug problems. We can offer you various affordable treatments that will surely eliminate all of the annoying bed bugs in your home. Here is a list of our available methods for bed bug removal:

  • Steamers. This method is called as such because we make use of extremely hot water to produce steam that will eliminate all of the bed bugs in the infested room or area. By maximizing the water’s temperature, the steam will be intolerable for the bed bugs, thus resulting to their extermination.
  • Whole Room Heat. This makes use of special heating equipment that will also release heat for the whole room or area. The equipment will be used solely by our professional Portland bed bug exterminator to ensure the safety of your home.
  • Freezing. This technique will freeze the room, including the bed bugs, using a cryonetic machine. The room will be frozen for two weeks, and the exterminators will return the room to normal.
  • These are man-made pesticides that are made from chrysanthemums. This is absolutely natural and will not harm humans and their health.