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Best Bed Bug Exterminators in Fresno, California

Having enough sleep is very essential to be able to work at your office, finish house chores, and basically anything you have to do for the day. To achieve enough sleep, you can regulate your sleeping routine, buy the best sleeping paraphernalia, and fix your bedroom’s ventilation. But sometimes, the right amount of sleep can be affected when bed bugs infest your sleeping quarters. The existence of bed bugs can be really irritating and tedious, and it will take so much time from you with all the scratching and the lack of focus from sleeplessness. As a responsible homeowner, you should be wise enough to call on credible bed bug exterminators as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from getting worse. That is why our bed bug extermination company is here—to help you eradicate your bed bug infestation immediately.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs can live and reproduce just about anywhere and they can be discovered from the smallest cracks in a wall. You might want to look for the adult bed bugs which are white, tan, or brown bugs about a fourth of an inch in length, while the hatchlings are only as small as a poppy seed so they are more difficult to find. Bed bugs do not have wings, but they can easily travel into your home through clothes and bags. Humans are their greatest source of food among warm-blooded beings, so you should keep an eye on these insects sticking to you from one location to another.


Can bed bugs be harmful?

When bed bugs suck blood from humans, they usually do not feel the sucking process itself. The thing that becomes bothersome is the itchy red marks that ensue after the insects feed. They usually look for a host at night, so sleeping humans and animals are their usual targets during that time. These marks should not be scratched and become more irritated and will invite the possibility of infection. There are also people who are allergic to bed bug saliva thus making the matter of infestation worse. You should always have antihistamine with you for minor cases of allergic reactions, but you should call for medical help when experiencing major allergic reactions.


Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs usually hide in small crevices, under carpets, and even behind or inside furniture, so you should start looking in those places. But aside from seeing these pests crawling on your bed or sofa, there are other signs that will expose their existence in your home. Watch out for the following signs to spot them immediately as possible:

  • Itchy red marks on your body. These marks are the after effects of bed bugs biting you while you sleep. Usually, the marks can be seen on the body parts that have been exposed to the bed, like your arms, legs, and face. If you think that you have not seen these marks before you went to bed, then it can possibly be caused by bed bugs.
  • Blood stains and black smears on the bed paraphernalia. Sometimes, bed bugs get crushed accidently, so the blood stains come from the blood they sucked from you. Black smears on things in the infested area will also have black stains that come from bed bug excrement.
  • Cast skins. About two hundred hatchlings come out of their eggs in four to eight weeks after they are laid by the female bed bugs. These young bed bugs shed their skins more likely in groups so these will be visible to the naked eye.


Available Bed Bug Treatments

As a responsible pest control company in Fresno CA, we have organized natural and affordable treatments for your case of bed bug removal. Hundreds of Californian locals have been satisfied with our packages because they are guaranteed to be cost-efficient solutions to their bed bug woes. Here are some bed bug treatments that we can accomplish at your service:

  • Whole Room Heat. This treatment relies on a pest control professional’s use of special equipment to heat the infested room. Bed bugs will die when exposed long enough to a certain temperature, thus ensuring their complete extermination. This technique will take about six to eight hours, thus pets and fragile equipment should be taken out of the room before starting with the procedure.
  • Freezing. This is a new method for pest control that makes use of a cryonite machine that freezes the infested room. The room will be frozen and locked for two weeks to effectively eliminate every bed bug in it. For the safety of your home, electronic equipment should be removed from the room. If that is not possible, the exterminator will keep them out of the way.
  • Steamers. Steam cleaning does not involve harmful chemicals, but instead it just uses hot water to kill the bed bugs in the infested area. The hot water will be extremely hot that the bed bugs will immediately die out. Electronic equipment should be removed or covered to avoid them from getting steamed.
  • Pyrethroids. These are pesticides that are man-made but are made from chrysanthemums. Nevertheless, it is proven to be effective and is similar to pythrethrums regarding the effects on pests. Also, it does not affect human health so you do not have to worry about toxic gases or chemicals with pyrethroids.