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#1 Bed Bug Exterminators in Denver

One of the most common problems with people’s homes is the infestation of bed bugs, especially in bedrooms and living rooms. People that sleep, lie down, or even stay in these areas will be having a difficult time getting comfortable when there are little insects trying to suck blood from them. Also, these little insects can hinder regular sleep so it would be best to find pest control professionals immediately. Luckily, there are many available bed bug exterminators that will give you the service you want and need. But if you are living in Denver or nearby, our extermination company can accomplish complete bed bug removal with consideration to your budget and the severity of your case.


What are bed bugs?

If you are suspecting a bed bug infestation in your home, they might be there if you have seen flat white, beige, or brown bugs about as long as a fourth of an inch. The bed bugs with this size are adults, so it would be easy for them to attach to your clothes or bags without getting noticed, then infest your home as fast as they can produce hatchlings. They can hide their eggs and colonies within hidden places like cracks, crevices, hidden parts of furniture, and carpets among others. You can also just see them come out at night to feed, so inspection should be done during the late hours to find them easier.


Can bed bugs be harmful?

Bed bugs feed on humans and warm-blooded animals by sucking their blood, but their sucking will be void of pain during the whole process. But after feeding, the skin they sucked on will form red marks that will be very itchy but you must to resist scratching. When you do so, the marks can produce more itchiness, and possibly infection. Also, people who are sensitive to bug excrement or substances will most likely have allergic reactions because of their saliva. In case of severe allergic reactions, call for professional medical assistance.


Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

It is not enough to know what bed bugs look like to confirm their infiltration. There are other signs of their existence that may help you find them. In case of the following signs, notify a pest control company as soon as possible to exterminate the bed bugs:

  • Molded hatchling skins. When young bed bugs come to the world, they shed the skin they were in for four to eight weeks. Since the hatchlings come out in groups, it would be easy to discover.
  • Bed bug droppings. They might not look like it, but bed bug droppings are usually observed to be black stains on bed sheets, pillow cases, and any other surface related to human sleeping and relaxation.
  • Blood stains. The blood is usually dark red in color, because this already came from the bed bugs that got trampled while you were tossing and turning in your sleep. The bed bugs suck on people’s blood, so their digestive system is full of it when they just fed themselves.
  • Itchy red marks on the body. After the bed bugs feed on a person, red and itchy marks will appear on the skin where the bed bugs sucked the blood from.


Available Bed Bug Treatments

If you are looking for natural and affordable treatment for a bed bug problem in Denver or nearby, we are the company you are looking for. We will provide the most eco-friendly and safe solution to your pest control needs without compromising your budget with the cost. There is no need to go looking for other local companies because we have different treatments you can choose from with regards to your preferred budget and method:

  • Freezing. This the most contemporary method of exterminating bed bugs. It is done with a cryonetic machine that freezes the bed bugs in the room. The area will be left frozen for two weeks to ensure the elimination of all bed bugs.
  • Heating. The method of heating the whole room only makes use of special equipment that will be operated by our professional Denver bed bug exterminator. By increasing the temperature of the produced heat, the bed bugs will surely die immediately. This method will be done for about six to eight hours to be sure of complete elimination.
  • Steamers. This method is synonymous to heating, except that it only uses extremely hot water. Water with very high temperature results to steam that can kill the bed bugs in the room.
  • Pyrethroids. The name may sound like a toxic chemical, but it is quite the contrary. Pyrethroids are made from chrysanthemums and are purely natural in content. It does not harm the human body in any way, so there are no worries about its toxicity.