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Most Trusted Bed Bug Exterminators in Bakersfield

Bed bugs can be a really tight problem when they come into your home, especially when you are a light sleeper who gets woken up by every little thing that moves and crawls on you. They may be tiny insects, but they can really make a sleeping person irritable during the night, and tired during the day because of the sleeplessness. Fortunately, these little vampires can be extinguished through different types of pest control treatment—the only thing you have to think about is where to find a credible bed bug exterminator. In line with this, our company is the most sought out when it comes to bed bug treatments in Bakersfield. We will help you understand the nature of bed bugs, and how to block them from your home.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that can be as small as poppy seeds as hatchlings, then they grow to about a fourth of an inch when they become adult bed bugs. Their numbers proliferate slowly, but their effects on your sleep will be terrible even with just a small number as they suck on your body for blood. When it comes to their habitat, they can practically live everywhere, but they will be most likely within crevices, cracks, or hidden parts of your home like under the carpet and behind furniture. If you think they were never in your house before, they probably came from another location, but you carried them into your house when they stuck to your car, clothes, bags, or things that you had with you when you went out. These little creatures like to be near their food source, so they will stick to you when they sense your presence.


Can bed bugs be harmful?

Since humans are one of their food sources, you will be one of their targets to suck blood from when they enter your home. It will be painless when the bed bugs will feed on you, but red itchy marks will appear right after their feeding. Once these marks appear, you should restrain yourself from scratching because it will get more irritated than ever. Also infections and allergic reactions are possible, especially when you are sensitive to bed bug saliva. Be sure to stock up antihistamine for minor allergic reactions.


Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Before calling out for help from pest control service, it would be wise to confirm the pests that are invading your home, or if there are pests at all. And since they are sometimes too small to see clearly, knowing how to inspect your home for bed bugs will be beneficial to the complete eradication of the bed bugs from your household. Providing a solution to your pest problem will be quicker if you watch out for different signs and report them to your local bed bug exterminators:

  • Red itchy marks. The appearance of these marks on your body is the most obvious sign because you will get to see them when you wake up from your bed bug-ridden sleep. The area where the bed bugs fed will be irritated thus causing the itchiness and red color.
  • Blood stains. The blood splatters come from freshly fed bed bugs that got crushed while you suddenly turned in your sleep. The blood will be a bit darker due to its containment in the bed bug’s stomach.
  • Bed bug droppings. Bed bug excrement are usually seen on bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases as black stains. If you see this alongside blood stains, then it is more likely that there are bed bugs visiting you at night.
  • Cast skins. It is natural for hatchlings to shed the molded skins they were born with, and they will be doing it in groups since eggs are laid by a female bed bug around 200 at a time. After four to eight weeks, young bed bugs will come out of their shedding and will just leave it there on the spot.


Available Bed Bug Treatments

To be able to give the best local service we can ever give to Bakersfield, our company offers various natural and affordable solutions for your bed bug woes. You do not have to worry about your limited budget, because we made sure that the cost of treatment will depend on what you have and what you need. In addition, we guarantee that every treatment we offer will never harm the environment and human health.  We listed down our different methods in eliminating the bed bugs in your own home:

  • Steamers. Producing water vapour from water exposed to extremely high temperature will lead to the elimination of bed bugs. The higher the temperature, the faster these little creatures dry up.
  • Heating. This method makes use of special equipment that manipulates the temperature within the room it is in. Our professional exterminator will be doing the equipment manipulation to ensure safe usage and complete bed bug extermination.
  • Freezing. With a cryonetic machine, the bed bugs are frozen in the infested room for two weeks to make sure that they get eliminated without fail.
  • Pyrethroids. There is an existing misconception about all pesticides being toxic, but pyrethroids are pesticides that are made from chrysanthemums—they are considered to be of natural content and do no harm to humans.